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Organizing Committee

-- on Hiatus--

The purpose of the current iteration of the Organizing Committee is to work to define PAPA's core values.


Cinder Kuss

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Daniel Park


Madhusmita Bora


Mel Hsu


Mieke D


Former: Pratima Agrawal

Image by Markus Spiske

Former: Rob Buscher

Image by Markus Spiske

Former: Severin Blake

Relics page: Meet the Team

Check out PAPA's newly articulated Mission, Vision and Values from our Strategic Planning Committee

After an amazing '21 summer of dreaming and visioning have come up with the following to share with the General Body:

We are proud to share the PAPA Organizing Branch Problem and Vision Statements. These two statements were created to act as an internal compass to help guide the programming and other strategic work of the Organizing Committee, and as an external statement of our purpose and goals.

*These statements are not universal to all of PAPA's work. This is a living document that will evolve alongside the Organizing Committee. In that vein, we recognize that PAPA serves, represents and works alongside people with diverse and nuanced racialized identities. We use People of the Asian Diaspora as a placeholder for now knowing that we are actively working to construct more specific language around those identities.

A new iteration of the Organizing Committee will soon be forming, with the purpose of beginning to strategically design and begin implementing programming for PAPA's general body in 2021.

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