Organizing Team

From our roots as a small collective of artists meeting around the dinner table, PAPA's membership has grown substantially. Our Core Organizers are dedicated to ensuring space, opportunity, and resources for our community.

Cat Ramirez

Creative Director

Pronouns: They/them and She/her
Star sign: Sun: Aquarius / Moon: Scorpio / Rising: Aries

Arthur Robinson

Associate Producer

Pronouns: Any (He/Them is fine)
Star signs: Libra Rising, Aries Sun, Pisces Moon

Daniel Park

Membership and Engagement Coordinator

Pronouns: He/Him
Star signs: Gemini Rising, Sagittarius Sun, Capricorn Moon

Stephanie Kyung-Sun Walters

Lead Artist: Playwrights Project

Pronouns: She/Her
Star Sign: Cancer

Makoto Hirano


Pronouns: He/Him
Star sign: Taurus


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