How do I Join PAPA?

Sure, but they're pretty straightforward - if you are an Asian/Asian American Artist in Philadelphiayou already fit all of the criteria!

PAPA seeks to nurture communal bonds, creative growth, and opportunity for the many Asian/Asian American artists in Philadelphia. By creating a network of artists from different creative backgrounds, we hope to give meaningful visibility and space to our growing organization. We welcome and encourage prospective members to contact us; as our group grows in size, our voices become collectively louder and our capacity to create increases!

There are no fees, no attendance requirements, and no applications! Just sign up for our email list so we can keep you informed about what opportunities are coming up! If you have any questions, check out below for more details on what being a Member entails?


What do I do as a member?

PAPA works to tailor its events and programming to fit whatever the wants and needs of the membership are - to that end, we are always hoping to hear from new members and old members alike about what sort of activities they'd like to see initiated. Whether it's communal potlucks hosted in a member's home, produced showcases of local performing talent, or professional writing groups and workshops, we want to make sure you stay informed about every opportunity that comes!


What does being a member mean, exactly?

Don't worry, we're not gonna make you fill out any contracts or ask for fees - being a member means being in the know how for community-centered social events, in addition to professional and networking opportunities as they arise! PAPA works to produce a lot of events to showcase our artists, but we also work to build a sense of camaraderie and celebration for one another across our many represented fields. You'll get e-updates on what PAPA is working on and information on how to get involved with various projects!


That all sounds cool, PAPA, but what if I'm not ready to jump into being a member?

Hey, that's a-okay! Signing up for our emails or following one of our social media accounts will let you keep up with us at your own pace - the offer to come to our social events, audition for roles, or attend general body meetings isn't going to disappear depending on how much a member does or does not participate! Life gets busy and chaotic.