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This page contains a whole bunch goodies that will allow you to engage with COME TO PAPA both inside and outside of the Zoom room:


Get silly and stylish with one of COME TO PAPA's custom Zoom backgrounds!

(this will particularly come in handy for our Opening Night PAPArty and CelebrAsian on June 11ths at 8pm EDT)

You need space?

Some Ravioli Pun... but we're out of pun ideas atm


Come to PAPA's Kitchen!

Cook one of Member's favorite and heartwarming dishes from our Cookbook!

Our cooks: 

  • Rufio Yrael

  • Melody L Wong

  • Crys Clemente

  • Joseph Ahmed

  • Areej Shafique & Arthur Robinson

  • Kimie Muroya

  • Minou Pourshariati

  • Daniel Park

  • Neil Bardhan

  • Pan

  • Anita Holland

  • Shaily Dadiala

book cover.png

Create one of our signature cocktails!

Try out a How & Sour or Transubstantiation. For something nonalcoholic, a Pomegranate Vinegar Soda.

Click images to enlarge. Infographic by Shahana Jan. Beverage design courtesy of William Wallace (IG: @jhbo_o_o)


 Take a deep breath and ground yourself in Anita Holland's Medicine Meditation

Streamed on: 
- June 16, 1:00 PM EST
- June 19, 5:50 PM EST


Cant make Anita Holland's Deprogramming Alienation Workshop on June 12th? Participate asynchronously with the Deprogramming Alienation Zine

DEPROGRAMMING Alienation.jpg

Stream the full Mini-Residency showcase of Half Magic by Joseph Ahmed, and don't forget to check out the June 14th talkback.

4C3A2821 - Joseph Ahmed.jpg

Learn more about the intriguing world of Prophecy Plays, written by Crys Clemente. Infograph by the staged reading's director, Ang(ela) Bey

Prophecy Plays on June 15th