About Us

Philadelphia Asian Performing Artists (PAPA) is a collective of theatre artists who seek to enhance and strengthen the presence of Asian Americans in the Philadelphia theatre community. Our goal is to provide consistent, focused training with workshops and mentorship for their members through partnerships with professional theaters and artists. As a result of sustaining and increasing the skill levels of their group, we hope to empower and retain emerging Asian American theater artists in Philadelphia. As PAPA grows and strengthens, we aim to encourage and create performance opportunities for PAPA members and also reflect the greater diversity of this city and its stories.

We are Asian, Asian American, Southeast Asian, South Asian, Pacific Islander, and Middle Eastern. We are performers, writers, dancers, designers, directors, musicians, magicians, and managers. We build, create, collaborate, and explore as a group the themes and topics that are most current and urgent to us right now. Our tactics are community driven and artist-centered.  Through community-building events, residency and professional development programs, and performance opportunities, we hope to empower Asian and Asian American artists and reflect the greater diversity of this city and its stories.  We are Philadelphia’s premiere Asian performing collective, and we are more than the sum of our parts.

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