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Tiger Style!

written by Mike Lew
directed by Jeff Liu
January 24 – February 4, 2018

The play surrounds the trials and tribulations of star students and squabbling siblings Albert and Jennifer Chen. Thanks to diligent work (and parental encouragement that borders on overbearing) they reached the pinnacle of adolescent achievement. But when it comes to adulthood, they’re epic failures. Albert has just been passed up for promotion and Jennifer's been dumped by her loser boyfriend. So they do what any reasonable brother and sister would do -- go on an epic Asian Freedom Tour!

Tiger Style!: About Us
Tiger Style1.jpg

Tiger Style! Director Jeff Liu

“In tackling this rollicking comedy about Tiger parenting, the model minority, and the identity struggles of bi/multicultural people, I've been thinking about how the differences between East and West truly are more than cosmetic. They are in fact wildly different Operating Systems, which makes them harder to reconcile, but also more likely to provide genuine insights into each other. This seems to be the deeper issue the characters are struggling with, trying to resolve or synthesize, whether they realize it or not.  How radical would it be for us to see China not as an exotic adversary, but as potentially the most vital collaborator in building a peaceful future?”

Tiger Style!: Quote
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